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Our pain center offers several non-invasive treatments to alleviate chronic pain & increase range of motion.


If you suffer from a chronic medical condition that causes regular physical pain, we are here to help.


After some routine testing, our pain doctors can determine which procedure will get the best results for you.

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Patient Reviews

The staff is by far the most professional and friendly that I have ever worked with in the 20 years I have been dealing with my health issues, including the Pasadena IPS office. Everyone from the front office staff, nurse and especially Dr Uzodinma, were very informative and attentive. I would highly recommend this office and doctor!

Jodie C. Google Review

Very friendly, staff and doctors. Anita Gonzales really cares about her patients. Front desk ladies are always friendly. Usually in and out never have to wait long.

Betty B. Google Review

I came in with sharp shooting pains down my leg and hands. The injections helped minimize the intensity of the pain, and the medication kept it controlled – my experience was outstanding!

Rodney F.

I had horrible neck and back pain! Some days I couldn’t get out of bed, and my mobility was severely limited. I had knee pain to the point I couldn’t walk. The medication I received, as well as a back and knee brace, have restored my mobility.

Bernadine C.

The pain had me in tears and not wanting to get out of bed or even move. My treatment has allowed me to cope with the pain and go on with my daily life. I was pleasantly surprised with my entire experience.

Daniel M.

Due to arthritis, the pain has affected so many areas of my body, but we have treated specific areas, therefore minimizing pain. I received a combination of surgeries, physical therapy, and medication. The staff were very understanding and helpful and took the time to discuss my symptoms, treatment results and adjust medication accordingly.

Jo D.

The pain was horrible, and I couldn’t do much of anything! The medication has helped me do more in my daily life. My experience has been amazing! Without the procedures, I wouldn’t be able to move.

Lisa R.

I was unable to perform my daily functions due to unbearable neck, head, and overall back pain. The muscle spasms and nerve pain throughout my entire spine were also unbearable. The prescribed medication has allowed me to function as well as can be expected, considering my cervical spine bone fusion. I have had a few procedures performed here that have temporarily helped ease my back and shoulder pain.

Shelly S.

I had difficulty walking due to my knee, back, and joint pain. Dr. Ye has helped me so much! I received back injections and knee injections, as well as a pain regimen. It was very helpful, and everyone was so kind!

Kimberly T.

I could barely walk, with constant pain in my back and neck. It was difficult to do day-to-day activities with shooting pain in my body. I received an injection, two cervical infusions, and a daily regimen of medication that has allowed me to have the ability to accomplish everyday activities. The staff is excellent! They are always attentive to my concerns, very friendly, and eager to help.

Antoinette W.

I had terrible pain all over, especially my neck, shoulders, and back. The medication prescribed has helped me so much and made it easier to move around. I had a good experience, and it helped with my neck pain.

Sharon J.

My neck and back pain were extreme, causing me to miss work and time with family, and it was even worse on rainy days. The pain medication has worked amazingly! I would highly recommend them to anyone experiencing any type of pain, and the staff is awesome!

Jeffery L.

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