Rib Pain

Rib Pain

Rib pain is often described as a severe, dull, or sharp pain right beneath the chest and above the navel, felt on either side of the body. This kind of pain can occur suddenly or develop over time due to an injury or fracture. If you are experiencing rib pain or discomfort that is particularly unexplainable, we recommend contacting your physician as soon as possible. Symptoms can be caused by a variety of reasons and may worsen over time if not treated accordingly.

Causes of Rib Pain

Rib pain can be caused by a variety of reasons, including injuries, illnesses, conditions, and disorders. While many cases of rib pain are not severe and tend to dissipate on their own, others require immediate medical attention. Discomfort levels can range from mild to severe, and symptoms can be temporary or chronic. Some of the most common illnesses and conditions that lead to shoulder pain include the following.

  • Injury:

    Traumatic injuries to your rib cage can result in painful bruising and bone fractures. These can be painful disorders that, if left untreated, can worsen over time and develop into chronic pain conditions. Receiving the appropriate medical attention after becoming injured is vital in ensuring a smooth road to recovery.

  • Fibromyalgia:

    Fibromyalgia Syndrome is a widespread chronic condition that affects the muscles and bones, causing hypersensitivity to pain and external stimuli. Experts believe that fibromyalgia can modify the way our brain and spinal cord receive and process physical signals and amplify them. Symptoms are often felt in the ribcage, but pain can occur in any part of the body.

  • Cancer:

    As cancer advances and tumors grow, they begin to pressure organs, tissue, bones, and nerves, causing pain. Additionally, these tumors can secrete chemicals that harm the area surrounding them, triggering further pain and discomfort. Lung cancer is explicitly often associated with rib cage pain.

  • Osteoporosis:

    Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become weaker when the body fails to compensate for the loss of old bone. The lack of bone production makes bones brittle and prone to rupture from common falls or, depending on the severity, minor bumps. This condition can affect the rib cage, leading to pain.

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Diagnosing Rib Pain

In order to correctly identify and diagnose the source of your rib pain, our physicians will gather your symptoms and conduct a series of examinations during your visit. The first step is to perform a thorough physical exam and carefully evaluate your medical and family history. In addition, your doctor may suggest getting blood work, x-rays, CT scans, or MRIs to best single out your condition.

Rib Pain

Rib Pain Treatment & Relief

At Principle Spine & Pain, we offer various minimally invasive procedures designed to help you manage your pain and regain control of your life. We strive to provide you with a personalized treatment plan that meets all of your needs. Our team of interventional pain specialists possesses decades of extensive experience in a wide range of conditions and is uniquely qualified to treat them. If you or anyone you know is currently suffering from rib pain, we highly encourage you to contact our team today.

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