Personal Injury & Letter of Protection (LOP) Pain Relief

Personal Injury Referrals

A large percentage of pain treatment patients come to us as referrals from personal injury lawyers. These types of cases involve the wrongful physical injury of the plaintiff due to negligence on the part of the defendant. Common cases include public slip and falls, automobile accidents, and workplace injuries that result in legal action from the injured party.

What is a Letter of Protection (LOP)?

LOPs allows the injured party to receive medical treatment they otherwise cannot afford while waiting for a settlement in a personal injury case. Basically, all payments will be made to Principle Spine & Pain once the case is resolved and all award amounts have been paid out. We currently accepts LOPs from attorneys and referring physicians for patients suffering from chronic pain due to personal injury.

Personal Injury Pain Treatment

If you have been referred to Principle Spine & Pain for personal injury treatment or if you are an attorney or provider looking to refer a patient, contact our office to learn more about our LOP process and get started today.