Epidural Steroid Injection

What is Epidural Steroid Injection?

Offering pain relief to those with chronic back pain, an epidural steroid injection is a pain treatment that targets the outermost section of the spinal column. A steroid combined with pain medication is injected into the epidural space and is used to decrease inflammation which reduces pain and provides space for pinched nerves.

When the adrenal gland naturally releases cortisone, the effects are short-term. An epidural steroid injection delivers more long-lasting results, ranging from weeks to months. If you think you might be a candidate for this pain treatment, below are some conditions we treat with epidural steroid injections.

  • Sciatica discomfort (pain in the buttocks)
  • Spinal stenosis (compressed Spinal cord & nerve roots)
  • Herniated disc

How Does Epidural Steroid Injection Work?

When the human body sustains an injury, endures chronic pain, or is afflicted with an illness, the immune system is the first to suffer. As a result, it becomes inflamed, making your immune system less resilient. When your immune system is this vulnerable, it subjects you to prolonged pain.

To combat these adverse effects, cortisone is released by the adrenal gland, suppressing the immune system, reducing inflammation, and lessening your perception of pain. If your body cannot produce this hormone on its own, an epidural steroid injection is used to mimic these same reactions. In essence, these procedures are designed to thwart pain and discomfort by imitating naturally occurring cortisone.


How Does Epidural Steroid Injection Work?

Much like typical procedures, you and your doctor will discuss your medical history, allergies, current medications, and potential risks before this pain treatment is administered. During the procedure, a disinfectant will be used to clean the skin around the injection site. To ensure that you do not feel any pain while the steroid is injected, your doctor will numb the skin with a local anesthetic.

Even with a local anesthetic, you can expect to feel some pressure during the procedure. Your doctor will use fluoroscopy, a type of medical imaging, to insert the needle. With assistance from this live X-ray imaging, your doctor will direct the needle towards the epidural space. This cutting-edge technology promotes optimal accuracy so that the procedure goes smoothly.  Symptoms should start to subside as soon as immediately with improvements within a few days.

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Is Epidural Steroid Injection Right for You?

To guarantee that you are receiving the proper treatment, it is best to speak with your doctor about your condition. We are also qualified to walk you through the process. To learn more about the conditions we treat, contact us today. Improve your quality of life, bid farewell to chronic pain, and experience much-needed pain relief when you opt for epidural steroid injections.

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