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Chronic Migraine Treatment & Relief

While we all get the occasional headache, migraines are much more painful and long-lasting. We provide the most effective and minimally invasive chronic migraine treatment and relief options to help patients mitigate their symptoms and enjoy life again. The first step is identifying the types of headaches you are experiencing. Common migraine symptoms included but are not limited to:

  • Severe pain
  • Nausea & vomiting
  • Inflammation
  • Sensitivity to light & sound

Our migraine specialists will conduct diagnostic testing and examinations to determine which treatment options will work best for you. Since headaches and migraines typically vary from person to person, we work to develop a personalized treatment plan suited to your needs, budget, and schedule. Our team is uniquely qualified to help you manage your pain and help you regain control of your life.

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If you feel that you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or go to your local emergency room. If you need immediate assistance from your provider after hours, please call 281-991-2200 to reach our call service center.

Pasadena Migraine Doctors

Our Pasadena migraine doctors possess decades of experience in neurology and pain management treatments. Migraines are severe, throbbing headaches caused by the narrowing of blood vessels and commonly affect the forehead and one side of the head. Risk factors can include sex, age, family history, and certain health conditions. If you live in the Harris County area and are in need of a qualified physician to help treat your migraines, call our office to schedule an appointment right away.

Causes of Migraines & Headaches

While the root cause of migraines is still unclear, they are classified as a neurological disorder exacerbated by genetics, environmental factors, and changes in the brain. Additional contributing factors include stress, certain foods, and excessive consumption of caffeine. We have experience managing a variety of conditions and offer the most effective and proven procedures on the market.

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Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic injuries are severe and require urgent medical attention including hospitalization, treatment, and aftercare. They usually occur as a from blunt force, punctures, and cuts caused by accidents such as automobile crashes and sports injuries. Depending on the severity of the wounds and which areas of the body have been affected, survivors can develop chronic headaches or migraines.

Medical Conditions

Certain illnesses and health conditions can cause chronic migraines including brain injuries, meningitis, strokes, seizures, and tumors. We focus on identifying and treating the root cause of pain symptoms to achieve maximum relief. If conditions go undiagnosed and untreated, they can worsen over time. Our Pasadena neurologists can help you control your pain and enjoy life again.

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environmental trigger

Environmental Triggers

These are certain environmental factors that can trigger a headache or migraine attack. The most common catalysts include bright light, loud sounds, and changes in temperature or barometric pressure. If you experience a migraine at home, try to isolate yourself and rest in a dark, quiet setting and contact our office once you feel well enough.

Hormonal Changes

Estrogen and progesterone, the hormones that regulate menstrual cycles and pregnancy, often release chemicals in the brain that can cause headaches. Other hormonal changes, such as a significant decrease in estrogen, can escalate the pain. Over-the-counter medications and triptans are commonly used to treat hormonal migraines. Our Pasadena headache doctors can assess your symptoms and develop personalized treatment plan to get rid of your pain.


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